New Zealand's Spring Sheep Milk Co. Makes an Unusual Gelato Dessert

 - Jul 16, 2016
References: springsheepnz
Milk gelato desserts differentiate themselves by using more milk, as well as less cream and eggs and being churned at a slower rate that results in a dessert that's denser than most ice creams on the market. The Spring Sheep Milk Co. in New Zealand sets itself even further apart from other gelato creators by using a base of sheep's milk.

The brand's Vanilla Bean Gelato is made with farm fresh sheep's milk from New Zealand and high-quality Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar. The Spring Sheep Milk Co. also makes a Dark Chocolate Gelato that incorporates a rich flavor from 70% cocoa.

At the World Dairy Innovation Awards 2016, Spring Sheep Milk Co.'s Sheep Milk Gelato was nominated as a finalist in the Best Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt category.