From Vacation-Encouraging Ads to Wearable Duvets Stunts

 - Nov 14, 2016
From heart-warming television commercials to outrageous outdoor stunts, hotels are looking for new and creative ways to reach consumers. With the rise of Airbnb and other accommodation-sharing services, it is becoming increasingly important for hotel brands to appear appealing to consumers.

One of the ways hotels are attempting to retain existing customers is through ads that evoke emotion. These ads usually play on the theme of creating memories and the kinds of emotions that are attached to these precious family moments. One example of this approach is an ad for the Holiday Inn in China, which tells the story of how vacations can bring busy families together.

Of course many hotels are also turning to more unconventional marketing approaches in order to catch the eye of millennials. For instance, the Irish hotel chain Jurys Inn created a hilarious campaign involving wearable duvets that allow hotel guests to stay in bed a little bit longer. Similarly, the Holiday Inn Express created a series of breakfast emojis dubbed BREAKFA-mojis to promote its continental breakfast.