The 'Meelk' Whole Goat Milk Packaging is Inspired by a Goat's Call

Designed by Rodrigo Chiaparini and Mari Silva, the 'Meelk' whole goat milk packaging is crafted with the animal in mind to help correlate the product to the real thing. Just as a goat's call would sound rather drawn out, the 'Meelk' packaging conveys this using a flowing cursive font that spreads from one side of the packaging, to the other.

The 'Meelk' whole goat milk packaging concept consists of three different flavor variations including chocolate, strawberry and original with brown, pink and blue colors, accordingly. Each bottle is lovingly designed to be simple in design yet playful in font to keep the packaging as wholesome as possible. The incorporation of handwriting could help to aid as a visual cue for consumers to correlate the product with being homemade and simple to convey a certain sense of rusticity.