From Posture-Correcting Mats to At-Home STI Test Services

 - Jul 31, 2016
Whether it is something as simple as correcting one's posture or a bigger concern such as an STI test, the July 2016 health trends reveal that consumers are increasingly taking their personal health and wellbeing into their own hands.

One of the ways that consumers are taking control over their healthcare is by taking advantage of new technology. This can mean anything from apps that track sleep patterns to wearable devices that can diagnose serious illnesses. Some of these at-home medical devices include environment-analyzing sleep sensors, tooth-analyzing toothbrushes and autonomous diagnostic tools.

However, not all of the latest health innovations involve the use of new technology. Indeed, many consumers are using low-tech devices to address less pressing health concerns. One unique example of this approach is a campaign by Blink Fitness that involved covering up all the mirrors in its gyms in order to help consumers concentrate on the way fitness makes them feel instead of how it makes them look.