Assaf Israel and Sharon Liverant's For The Rest Concept Ensures Comfort

 - Jun 14, 2016
References: joynout & fastcoexist
For The Rest is the name of a clever partition that doubles as a comfortable perch for people to nap on when drowsiness rears its ugly head. Workplaces are slowly realizing that the needs of their employees range and sleep plays a particularly crucial role. There are some jobs out there that require ungodly hours and that's where For The Rest comes in.

Designed by Assaf Israel and Sharon Liverant of Israel-based design firm Joynout, For The Rest essentially stays as a divider between employees most of the time. But as soon as sleep is imminent, a person needs only to rotated and flip it down in order to create a cozy surface to rest his or her head on. Of course, people will have to feel comfortable napping in public to use it.