These Calorie Menus Symbolize the Good and Bad with Traffic Lights

 - Jun 17, 2016
References: & fastcodesign
Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania are looking for new ways to help consumers with their health goals by testing a conscious calorie menu that uses traffic lights to represent food's nutritional value.

As traffic lights are universally known symbols for most people, the inclusion of them next to descriptions of food is an effective way of getting consumers to think about what they're ordering from a different perspective. A green light represents low calorie food, yellow is anything in the middle and red equates to high calorie options.

Using pictures of traffic lights works similarly to other calorie menus that list the numeric values of each item, however the use of images makes it slightly more simple. As some can become obsessed with counting calories once they get started, getting rid of exact numbers can take away some of that stress while still leading to the same results.