From Ugly Fruit Juices to Coffee Leaf Teas

 - May 5, 2017
As both consumers and businesses become more conscious about food scraps that are going to waste, as well as others sources of food that are unappreciated and unused, repurposed food products are coming into the spotlight.

New brands have established themselves by making the repurposing of food products the mainstay of their products. For instance, ReGrained makes its snack bars from used brewing grains, Misfit Juicery makes pressed juices from misshapen fruits and vegetables, and Pulp Pantry makes grain-free granola using leftover fruit and vegetable pulp from local juiceries.

To draw attention to the appeal of creative repurposing of food products, prominent branding is being used. One of the best examples of this comes from Dieffenbach's Kettle Chips, which boldly brands its potato chips made with misshapen spuds as 'Uglies.'