SecondsFirst Makes Fresh Fish Cakes from Repurposed Ingredients

 - May 4, 2017
References: eatsecondsfirst & washingtonpost
SecondsFirst is the name of a start-up company that makes fish cakes, but in a way that sets it apart from the majority of other seafood product producers.

The company makes its fish cakes from misshapen or "ugly" produce like carrots, as well as what it considers to be types of "under-appreciated" fish like skate wing and dogfish that are caught in Rhode Island waters that would otherwise go to waste.

Businesses and consumers alike are now becoming aware of just how much completely edible food goes to waste purely because of how it is perceived, or if it is considered to be "waste." Now, there are a growing number of start-ups like SecondsFirst that are consciously choosing to reuse scraps or other edibles that have the potential to be given a new life.