From Cricket Flour Energy Bars to Handmade Chicken Snack Packs

 - Jun 25, 2017
Whether it is energy bars made from cricket flour or chicken skewers served in to-go packs, the June 2017 food product trends demonstrate that the obsession with portable protein continues to grow.

When it comes to protein snacks, products made with all-natural, plant-based sources of protein continue to gain in popularity. These products are not only popular among vegans and vegetarians, but also among consumers who simply want to cut back on the amount of animal products they consume. This has resulted in the release of more plant-based snacks such as Ona Treats Organic Functional Fuel Plant Protein Bars and the Puffs by Peeled Snacks.

On the other hand, animal-based protein snacks are still popular, but are being served in more convenient formats. One such example is the Expressco ProSticks Chicken Skewers, which are made fresh, grilled and then placed in handy to-go packaging.