TIQLD's Playful Packaging Adds Personality to Classic Spice Mixes

 - Apr 27, 2017
References: madebyalphabet & thedieline
TIQLD produces a range of Indian spices that offer what it calls "tongue-tickling tastes of India," which comes across in its quirky product packaging.

To add personality to classic organic herb and spice mixes like turmeric, fenugreek and cumin, K-based agency Alphabet created playful packaging for TIQLD that shows off the brand's sense of humor, as well as the vibrancy of its Indian spice flavors. Rather than resorting to the use of traditional Indian patterns, motifs and rich color schemes, these pouch packages offer a mix of vintage graphics and bold pops of color on a black and white backdrop.

The split illustrations on the front of the packages show off base ingredients like chicken and fish, alongside unexpected items like unicycles and tubas, to show how unexpected elements can be added to add interest to a home-cooked dish.