- Feb 16, 2018
As much as classic sandwich spreads like peanut butter or mayonnaise are beloved in the eyes of consumers, a number of unique spreads are being launched to add interest to the food category—this includes everything from walnut butter spreads to non-dairy butter alternatives made with chickpea brine.

For the consumer who is interested in better-for-you alternatives, brands are launching refreshed versions of favorite products, such as ghee-based chocolate spreads, sweet potato butter and mayonnaise spreads with a focus on wholesome or entirely plant-based ingredients.

Some companies are experimenting with unexpected flavor reversals, such as Lantana Foods' sweet strawberry hummus flavor and Wild Friends Foods' savory Sesame Cranberry Peanut Butter. Overall, classic spreads of all kinds are being overhauled with an emphasis on health and rich natural flavors.

These Unique Spreads Offer Novel Ways to Enhance Bread and Beyond: