Popp Feinkost Makes Chilled Vegetable Spreads Like Tomato-Freekeh

Popp Feinkost teamed up with women's magazine Brigitte to create a set of chilled vegetable spreads that pair nourishing grains with veggies.

While there are countless vegetable-based spreads on the market already, these inventive new products introduce healthy, hearty new combinations like Tomato-Freekeh and Carrot-Quinoa, as well as Red Beetroot-Horseradish. As such, these vegetable spreads offer a variety of flavors from spicy and fruity to fresh and nutty. Freekeh is said to have four times as much fiber as brown rice and double the amount that can be found in quinoa, making the grain a notable superfood ingredient.

With ingredients like vegetables, sunflower seeds, linseed and other ancient grains like millet, these portable dips have the potential to be served as satisfying snacks or the basis for a healthy, on-the-go meal.