From Dessert Spring Rolls to Caviar-Flavored Potato Chips

 - Sep 28, 2017
Whether it is spring rolls oozing with a sweet mango filling or potato chips laced with caviar-flavored seasoning, the September 2017 food product trends reveal an increasing number of unexpected flavor combinations.

When it comes to traditionally savory foods that have taken a sweet turn, there is no shortage of options. For instance, consumers can now munch on Blue Diamond almonds coasted in a sweet pumpkin spice blend as a tasty snack option. Another option is Living Intentions' Berry Smoothie Popcorn, which swaps butter and salt for sweet smoothie ingredients such as bananas and berries.

However, the September 2017 food product trends reveal that many sweet products are also getting a savory makeover. This is particularly true of frozen desserts, with products such as Häagen-Dazs' new Orange Sweet Potato Ice Cream and Pip Organic Rainbow Fruity Lollies with Cheeky Veg hitting store shelves.