Casa Del Gelato Packages Its Italian Gelato in Real Glass Cups

To simplify the serving of pre-made ice cream desserts, Casa Del Gelato created ready-to-serve ice cream glasses, which come in packs of two, featuring a blend of plain white cream, chocolate sauce and chocolate gelato in real glass containers.

Alongside its Chocolate flavor, Casa Del Gelato also offers assorted varieties, which also include Coffee, Strawberry, Amarena Cherry, Panna cotta and Tiramisù, which were exhibited at this year's 'Anuga taste Innovation Show.'

While many brands favor the use of plastic for packaging food products, some brands are turning to ready-to-serve glass containers for elevated desserts such as yogurt and pudding cups. As the brand notes, after the ice cream desserts have been consumed, the glass containers may be kept, cleaned and used for other purposes.