From Wood Knot Beer Branding to Futuristic Sauce Packaging

 - Sep 29, 2017
From wood knot beer branding to futuristic sauce packaging, the September 2017 packaging trends reveal that brands are taking very different approaches when it comes to catching the eye of consumers. While some opt for nostalgic designs that conjure up memories of simpler times, others take a more modern approach with futuristic features.

For those brands taking a more simplistic approach, rustic designs that draw inspiration from the natural world are extremely popular. One such example is the Knot Murky IPA by Pure Brewing, which comes in a can that resembles a knotty piece of wood. Another example is the jars made by The Bushwick Sauce Company, which feature simple black and white sketches of the ingredients on the labels.

However, the September 2017 packaging trends also reveal that not all brands are content with just simple designs. Indeed, brands such as Haven's Kitchen and 648 Chicken both opt for futuristic packages that look more like something that would be found in outer space than in a home pantry.