648 Chicken Packaging Frankly Describes and Displays its Contents

There's certainly a trend towards no-frills food branding, but few accomplish this as well and as clearly as 648 chicken packaging does. The conceptual and aesthetic theme was so well executed that it earned 'SixFourEight' a special place in Russia's gourmet supermarkets and resulted in immediately successful sales without additional marketing.

The fully prepared product is named after the 648 degrees that the poultry is exposed to in an intense and efficient cooking process. It spends just three minutes in an infrared tunnel, rendering it as appetizing as a grilled chicken, as delicious as a roasted chicken, and as healthy as a boiled chicken. The naming is simple and honest.

For the chicken packaging, OTVETDESIGN prioritized minimalism to keep the branding consistent, opting for a vacuum-sealed pouch with culinary-inspired foil on one side and transparent plastic on the other.