From VR Meditation Videos to Custom Vitamin Kits

 - Sep 27, 2017
These September 2017 wellness concepts explore a number of ways that existing products for health, and other household objects, may be improved for the sake of personal betterment. This includes everything from clothing hangers that have been reimagined as air purifiers, as well as sterile toothbrush holder designs.

At home, consumers are taking control of their own wellness journeys with apps like GoodGuide, virtual reality meditation videos, at-home blood test kits that provide personalized health programs and customized vitamin kits. When it comes to food, some of the newest wellness products on the market reimagine better-for-you versions of comfort foods, such as The Kraft Heinz Co. and Oprah Winfrey's 'O, That's Good,' which enhances meals like pasta and potatoes with rich vegetable additions.

Outside of the home environment, many health-conscious consumers are seeking out private meditation pods, rooftop yoga classes and more for continual mind-body betterment.