The KOR Plus Water Bottle Turns Any Water into Superwater

 - Aug 8, 2017
References: korwater & indiegogo
The 'KOR Plus Water Bottle' supercharges your water by turning regular tap water into hydrogen-rich superwater.

The KOR Plus Water Bottle uses a coconut filter embedded with rare earth minerals to infuse tap water with molecular hydrogen with each sip. Studies have shown that drinking hydrogen-rich water can aid in athletic performance, in muscle recovery, and works to reduce inflammation.

The hydrogen-rich water that is produced by this filter helps to support the body's antioxidant defense system which can aid in general wellness by reducing the risk of stroke, diabetes, and high cholesterol. The filter helps the body by adding magnesium, potassium and calcium to water, while the superwater bottle also helps to balance one's pH levels up to 9.5.