The Huddle Mental Health App Connects People Via Video Chat

 - Aug 16, 2017
References: businessinsider & techcrunch
The Huddle Mental Health App is a digital platform that connects like-minded peers via video chat.

Nearly 44 million Americans live with mental health issues, and of that number, an estimated 60% won't reach out to get the help they need. In attempt to make mental health more accessible and approachable, this app acts like "a digital Alcoholics Anonymous, but also for other topics like body image issues, depression and anxiety as well."

The app functions around the concept of talk therapy, and invites users to discuss their lives in a video-chat format. Users concerned with privacy can pixelate their face to protect their identity. The app aims to provide a safe space for like-minded individuals to reach out, rant, learn and support each other through a variety of mental health-related issues.