Rule Breaker's Allergy-Friendly Brownies Promise "None of the Bad Stuff"

Rule Breaker makes Deep Chocolate Brownies and Chocolate Chunk Blondies without the top eight allergens, GMO ingredients and gluten. As such, the dairy-free and nut-free treat squares are vegan, Kosher, and as the brand promises, "made with only the good stuff."

One of the key ingredients in these brownies are chickpeas, which help to give the sweets their fiber- and protein-rich content. Other ingredients that can be found in the brownies include gluten-free oats, flax, non-dairy cocoa butter and maple syrup as a natural sweetener.

Rule Breaker Snacks offers a program called 'Brownie Points,' which helps consumers with a sweet tooth earn free brownies when they perform actions such as registering for an an account, following the brand on social media, referring friends and purchasing product.