The 'Calmingstone' Uses Movement and Light to Prevent Panic Attacks

 - Aug 2, 2017
References: kickstarter
'The Calmingstone' is a pebble-shaped device that is meant to help relax those who are suffer from anxiety or panic attacks.

The Calmingstone was created by Raymon Telfer after he found there wasn't a product on the market to help quell his own anxiety attacks. This panic attack-prevention device works by using motion, light and sound to relax the user. The Calmingstone sits in the palm of the user's hand. A copper ring around the edge of the device works as a heart rate sensor that then causes the device to pulse and glow in unison with the user's heartbeat. As the user relaxes, the stone simultaneously calms. A connected app completes the experience with a specially designed audio track. The functions of the Calmingstone are controlled with manual movement. The volume is controlled by tipping the device up or down, while the audio is controlled by moving the device in a circular motion.

With the Calminstone, those who suffer from anxiety or panic attacks can make significant strides in regaining control.