- Dec 25, 2017
Though running season has rounded out for the year, serious runners have their sights set on training for the upcoming events in spring, and these gifts for marathoners — and for runners of all distances — will help with the training process.

As opposed to decades past, today's runners have unprecedented opportunity to keep track of their training and watch their progression as it happens. With fitness bands and smartwatches becoming both more popular and more affordable, serious runners can gain mountains of data about their own performances, ultimately helping them to improve their times.

Running gear itself has also improved by leaps and bounds — technically by bounds exclusively, but in either case. One of the most publicized pieces of gear has been the Nike Vaporfly 4% running shoe, which is so named because it has been scientifically proven to improve running efficiency by that percentage.

From Small Sporty Smartwatches to Efficiency-Improving Running Shoes: