'The Big Chase' by ASICS Led Runners Through a Film Noir Story

 - Feb 15, 2017
References: digitalbuzzblog
'The Big Chase' from ASICS is an experiential campaign that unfolded in Los Angeles, California, taking a group of 60 runners back in time by having them "run through" a film noir story.

Runners were set up with a tracking system that precisely coordinated the group's move over the course of a 5K run across the city, which included special destinations for theatrical interactions on their journey to collect clues and solve a detective's case. Over the course of the experiential athletic run, the group followed a femme fatale dressed in red on an adventure filled with intrigue, suspense, action and mystery.

This immersive experience from ASICS combines the popularity of a branded group run with the spectacularity of a theatrical show for an unforgettable athletic workout.