- Mar 25, 2017
Across the top March 2017 sports ideas, one of the most noticeable themes is a focus on flexibility and portability. These features can be found in equipment designs like the OYO Fitness DoubleFlex Black system, as well as apps like Lymber, which offers pay-as-you-go fitness classes as an alternative to expensive gym and studio memberships.

Whether or not one enjoys the experience of working out, technology is being used to make activities like runs and stationary cycling more entertaining. Examples of this can be seen in The Gaming Marathon by Samung, mixed-reality bikes from VirZOOM and the theatrical running experience created by ASICS in California.

With items like at-home pain relief kits and ergonomic surfing bags, there is also being more of a focus put on injury prevention and care, since these are also important points of advancing one's personal fitness levels.

From Encouraging Running Batons to Lightweight Workout Gyms: