Unanimous Swarm AI Predicts Sports Outcomes with Startling Accuracy

 - Feb 8, 2017
References: unu.ai & digitaltrends
Unanimous Swarm AI is a computer program that achieved an incredibly rare feat thanks to real world events that were even rarer. The swarming algorithm was able to correctly predict the outcome of the whirlwind that was Super Bowl LI — not by simply picking the victor or beating the spread, but by predicting the final score exactly.

To those who aren't sports fans, predicting the final score might not sound particularly impressive. However, of 1,641 Super Bowl predictions published in the Scripps Howard journal, only two (or 0.001 percent) have ever predicted the score exactly. And keep in mind that these predictions come from professional sports writers and analysts.

The Super Bowl isn't the only event that Unanimous Swarm AI has predicted correctly. It went 9-1 against the spread during the NFL Playoffs as a whole this season, it has perfectly predicted the NHL Stanley Cup Finals two years in a row, and it has made a majority of correct predictions for the Oscars two years running.