From Medical House Call Apps to Open-Source Humanitarian Apps

 - Nov 26, 2016
As the November 2016 mobile app trends reveal, there is a growing push to use app-based platforms to solve a myriad of global issues. Indeed, as access to mobile phones becomes increasingly prevalent worldwide, apps have become an increasingly useful tool for conveying information.

One of the primarily ways that apps are helping solve pressing issues is the field of healthcare. Apps not only make it easier for people to access medical information on-demand, but these platforms also help democratize healthcare. Some examples of innovative healthcare apps include the medical house call app Heal and a blood donation resource app called the Dubai Blood Donation Centre.

Outside of healthcare, the November 2016 mobile app trends reveal that apps are also making a difference when it comes to other important issues. For example, the Shot Spot app provides information on incidents of gun violence in the US. Another example is, an app called Heads Up?, which is being used in West Virginia to help residents stay informed in the event of a natural disaster.