'How Is The World Feeling Today' Calculates Real-Time Worldwide Emotions

Launched in time for World Mental Health Day, the 'How Is The World Feeling Today' app is asking for Earth's citizens to log their emotions for a full week in the name of science and mental health research. The free application can be downloaded through Apple and Android app stores, and has undergone extensive development and fine-tuning for a couple of years.

After filling out a survey about their lifestyle and personality, each user becomes a subject in a global study on mental health. They are prompted throughout the days to share if they are happy, sad, angry, anxious, powerful or peaceful, with follow-up questions that inquire into possible mood triggers. After recording your time-stamped sentiments, you are shown a chart that captures the real-time emotional distribution of all users around the globe. The 'How Is The World Feeling Today' app will produce valuable big data for mental health science, making leaps, bounds and priceless discoveries in the field.