- Aug 29, 2017
Although there are many Internet browser extensions that may be used to build upon the capabilities of one's preferred web viewer, these dynamic extensions offer a range of benefits that encourage everything from skill-building and focus-boosting to maintaining stable moods.

Some of the most inventive browser extensions include ones that empower consumers to make ethical shopping choices or monitor their consumption of Internet content in a gamified way with tools like the 'Tabagotchi.'

As much as there are web browser extensions that add functionalities, there are just as many that aim to subtract content and for a more simplified, streamlined user experience; plugins like Soothe, SkyDome and PokeGone boast the ability to filter out certain words, news or phrases, while others help to protect a computer user's personal data from being compromised.

From Emotive Awareness Plug-Ins to Focus-Boosting Browser Games: