This Browser Extension Makes Browsing Data Unusable for Advertisers

 - Feb 12, 2016
References: & springwise
This browsing data obfuscation plugin works in conjunction with, but is essentially the exact opposite of, your ad blocker software. AdNauseam is a browser extension that clicks on every single ad, making the browsing data sites collect basically worthless. It is no secret that advertisers and search engines track online activity to better target consumers. This approach beats the online tracking game by opening everything and rendering any gathered insights futile.

In this way, AdNauseam uses technology back against itself to award Internet users more anonymity when searching the web. Cyber security and privacy concerns are becoming increasingly prevalent between the Internet of Things and the universal, unsanctioned and automatic nature of online advertising. In addition to downloading the plugin, the AdNauseam team encourages like-minded people to research the issue.