From Online Abuse Blockers to Clickbait-Reducing Algorithms

 - Aug 11, 2016
With the proliferation of Internet usage, spam-blocking systems are essential to keep consumers' online experiences pleasant.

The unfortunate truth of the digital space is that, while it allows users to engage with brands and with one another across vast swaths of space like no technology before, that also means that it's easier than ever for unwanted content to be forced in front of billions of eyes. Thankfully, many software developers are on to this problem and are working on solutions.

Spam comes in many forms and there are spam-blocking systems to handle nearly all of them. Some spam is the most traditional kind: unwanted emails or messages akin to the junk mail that's filled post offices for decades. Other types of spam come from overly aggressive advertising campaigns. Still more spam, and perhaps the most pernicious of all, comes in the form of online abuse, not from brands but from people hiding behind digital masks. Fortunately, there are spam-blocking systems to address each of these issues.