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As the vast and limitless features of the Internet continue to evolve, so too does consumer lifestyle and behavior. Illustrating the impact that viral videos, online engagement and digital communication has on consumers and youth culture, Trend Hunter’s Internet category has everything you need to know about emerging online trends.
Podcast-Inspired Alcoholic Drinks
Podcast-Inspired Alcoholic Drinks
The 'Pink Whitney' is Inspired by a Popular Sports Podcast
New Amsterdam Vodka created The Pink Whitney—a pink lemonade vodka drink inspired by the content of the popular hockey podcast ‘Spittin’ Chiclets.’ The idea for this new... MORE
Top 100 Pop Culture Trends in August
Top 100 Pop Culture Trends in August
From Disney-Inspired Bags to Alien-Inspired Beer Campaigns
The August 2019 pop culture concepts pay close attention to all the rage that happens throughout the media and social platforms to implement through different products and services for marketing... MORE
play_circle_filled Creative Gen Z-Targeted App Ads
Creative Gen Z-Targeted App Ads
Gatorade's #ThisHighlight Campaign Focuses on Social Presence
Sports beverage company Gatorade recently entered the digital market with the launch of its new ‘Highlights App’ that allows athletes to customize their sports portfolio for family,... MORE
Alien-Themed QSR Pop-Ups
Alien-Themed QSR Pop-Ups
Arby’s Area 51 Event Will Feed Those Attending the Viral Facebook Event
With the recent viral success of the ‘Storm Area 51’ event on Facebook, fast-food chain Arby’s has decided to feed the hungry masses with a food truck. Currently, more than 1.9... MORE
Digitally-Aged Anti-Racism Campaigns
Digitally-Aged Anti-Racism Campaigns
The #ItsGettingOld Campaign Digitally Ages Victims
FaceApp, a platform that uses photos and technology to digitally ages users, recently became a viral success and one movement—the #ItsGettingOld campaign—decided to use the app on... MORE
30 Dystopian Fashion Lines
30 Dystopian Fashion Lines
From Angsty Youth Fashion Editorials to Gritty Cult Fashion Collections
Dystopian fashion has been widely explored by contemporary brands who are looking to tap and embrace public anxiety. Whether it be informed by references to a cult-classic movie or through various... MORE
Tongue-in-Cheek Meme Marketing Campaigns
Tongue-in-Cheek Meme Marketing Campaigns
Mike's Hard Lemonade & Imgur Target Millennial Audiences
Meme marketing has become a popular form of advertising in the digital age as brands adapt their content to fit the preferences and sense of humor of Millennial and Gen Z audiences. For Mother’... MORE
Spreadable Avocado Sticks
Spreadable Avocado Sticks
Unnecessary Inventions' Avocado on a Stick Helps to Make Avocado Toast
From the Hoverbrella to the LookBak personal rearview mirror, Unnecessary Inventions shares a variety of wacky product ideas on the daily, including one that quickly caught the attention of many—... MORE
Branded Motivation
Brands become sources of motivation for consumer happiness
Implications - Combating a culture of anxiety and pessimism, brands are making efforts to try and improve the health and happiness of their consumers. More than just a wellness “zone”, brands are turning to activations, activities and promotions that are powered by acts of kindness, empathy and even lighthearted moments . Such positive displays of behavior from brands not only speaks to the desire to connect with consumers in a uplifting manner, but a willingness to connect on more deeply ingrained issues around mental health, livelihood and general happiness.
Workshop Question — How might you better support and motivate your consumers when it comes to their general happiness? What proactive steps can you make?
Password-Organizing Applications
Password-Organizing Applications
The LastPass App Alleviates the Stress from Reseting Passwords
The LastPass app is made available for Internet browsers—Windows, Mac, and Linux, as well as for mobile interfaces. The application is geared toward storing and organizing one’s many... MORE
Voyeurism-Inspired Contemporary Streetwear
Voyeurism-Inspired Contemporary Streetwear
SAMIZDAT Launches a Graphic Unisex Fashion Collection
A new graphic unisex fashion collection has been put forth by contemporary streetwear label SAMIZDAT. The offerings have been grouped under the name of ‘Feed’ and they are made available... MORE
Pre-Internet Fashion Capsules
Pre-Internet Fashion Capsules
Eytys' Spring/Summer 2020 Line Was Debuted During Paris Fashion Week
Eytys debuted its pre-Internet fashion collection on the catwalk in Paris — an inaugural experience for the contemporary streetwear label. Offerings in the Spring/Summer 2020 capsule entertain a... MORE
Pre-Editing-Enabled Action Cameras
Pre-Editing-Enabled Action Cameras
The OCLU Action Cam Lets You Easily Delete Unwanted Content
The OCLU action camera is perfect for adrenaline junkies filming their newest adventures. Since filmmakers never know which jump or wave will be “the one,” they end up filming... MORE
Swapped Logo Aesthetics
Swapped Logo Aesthetics
As a Bizarre Marketing Stunt, CDA Swaps the Logos of Big-Name Brands
CDA is a kitchen appliance company and in a recent bid to unsettle consumers, the label challenges the perception of logo aesthetics. Tapping the identity of famous, globally renowned brands like... MORE
Alien-Inspired Craft Beers
Alien-Inspired Craft Beers
Perrin Brewing Launched the Storming The Gates Area 51 IPA
In light of the recent Internet sensation surrounding aliens and Area 51, Perrin Brewing, a craft beer distillery based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, launched a special beer called the Storming The... MORE
play_circle_filled Gamified Ski Beer Campaigns
Gamified Ski Beer Campaigns
Kosciuszko Pale Ale Debuted Its New ‘Beer with Altitude’ Campaign
Craft beer brands are renowned for their edgy and unique marketing tactics, and Kosciuszko Pale Ale’s new ‘Beer with Altitude’ campaign is no exception. The gamified ski commercial is bold... MORE
play_circle_filled Humorous Celebrity Game Ads
Humorous Celebrity Game Ads
Toon Blast Features Ryan Reynolds in New Hilarious Campaign
Toon Blast, an animated mobile game featuring animal players, recently released a new hilarious commercial starring Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds. The campaign centers around the addictive nature of... MORE
play_circle_filled Ironic Storytelling QSR Campaigns
Ironic Storytelling QSR Campaigns
Popeyes' New Chicken Sandwich Will Launch at Sweet Dixie Kitchen
Popular fast-food chain Popeyes is leveraging an interesting viral story to launch its new Chicken Sandwich - the company has decided to debut the sandwich at a trendy brunch restaurant in Long Beach,... MORE
Bauhaus-Inspired Color Tools
Bauhaus-Inspired Color Tools
The MOO Color Study Boasts a Selection of Bauhaus Colors
For those who are interested in exploring Bauhaus colors or embarking on projects that are directly linked to the movement, the MOO Color Study Chrome Extention is a must-have. Bauhaus colors are... MORE
Soothing Digital Paranoia Accessories
Soothing Digital Paranoia Accessories
Katja Trinkwalder & Pia-Marie Stute Focus on Data Security
Digital paranoia is a by-product of the 21st century, a result of the adjustment period many are experiencing as they are inviting new technologies into their day-to-day lives. With regards to this,... MORE
Online Zero-Waste Shop Catalogs
Online Zero-Waste Shop Catalogs
Nice and Serious Points Londoners to Their Local Zero-Waste Shops
Creative agency Nice and Serious launches the ‘Useless’ platform which is dedicated to providing individuals with tips for reducing plastic use, as well as a directory of local zero-... MORE
Internet Star Kids Meals
Internet Star Kids Meals
Hardee’s and Ryan’s World are Relaunching Star Pals Kids Meals Together
More than eight years after it was taken off the menu, Hardee’s is relaunching its Star Pals kids meals at participating locations. However, this time around, the fast food chain is teaming up... MORE
play_circle_filled Decision-Making Search Campaigns
Decision-Making Search Campaigns
Coca-Cola's The Search of a Lifetime Helps with Decision Fatigue
Coca-Cola recently expanded its product range in Israel and bolstered this release with The Search of a Lifetime, a campaign to help relieve young people of decision fatigue. As it is estimated that... MORE
play_circle_filled Humorously Honest Airline Ads
Humorously Honest Airline Ads
China Airlines' Commercial is Counter Intuitive but Successful
The national airline of Taiwan, China Airlines, has gained international attention after its humorously honest travel commercial. Rather than depict the fantasy-like aspects of travel, the... MORE
Server Crash Sales
Server Crash Sales
eBay's Crash Sale Will Offer Unmissable Deals if Amazon Crashes on Prime Day
On July 15th, Amazon is planning to kick off its two-day Prime Day sale and to challenge this, eBay will be launching a site-wide Crash Sale on the same day. eBay’s cheekily named sale... MORE