The New Google Phone App Alerts Users to Spam Calls

 - Jul 26, 2016
References: & lifehacker
Google is making an effort to foil the plans of spam callers with the newly updated Google phone app. The built-in app available on all Nexus and Android One phones, will alert consumers to spam calls by turning the "Incoming call" screen red when it believes an illicit call is on the other line.

Alerting consumers to spam calls isn't easy, as the risks of sending false alarms or accidentally labeling a legitimate caller as a spam dialer can outweigh the reward of rebuffing the spam itself. Rather than guessing at the sketchiness of a phone number, then, the Google phone app will only issue a spam alert if the number comes from its constantly updated list of spam phone numbers. In other words, it's very unlikely that the Google phone app will accidentally mark a relative or friend as spam.