From Tech-Based Reality Shows to Evangelical Streaming Services

 - Aug 28, 2016
These August 2016 multimedia trends range from evangelical streaming services to tech-based reality shows that follow a web platform's conception and development. Apple's 'Planet of the Apps' series is a great example that follows real app developers as they compete to create, launch and successfully market their own mobile platform.

When looking at the month's other standouts, creativity-focused examples like collaborative sketching apps and multi-device video websites are garnering the most attention. These platforms aim to give artists, designers and videographers more freedom and customization options that help make their imaginative concepts a reality.

Other August 2016 multimedia trends include emoji-themed restaurant menus that are marketed to tech-savvy Millennials along with user-generated furniture ads that foster stronger connections between a brand and its target audience -- West Elm's latest campaign is a collaborative effort with consumers and simultaneously saved the company on marketing costs.