Martin Wecke's '108' Lets Aspiring DJs Create Techno Beats

 - Jul 13, 2016
References: & producthunt
Throughout history, creating music has become progressively more accessible: where once artists needed a full orchestra to create symphonies, today, browser apps like Martin Wecke's '108' let anyone with Internet access create compelling techno beats. 108, so named because of its built-in tempo of 108 beats per minute (BPM), is a game-cum-music production software app that helps users create minimalist -- yet surprisingly listenable -- loops.

In both utility and layout, Martin Wecke's browser app is as elegantly nuanced as the music it creates. 108 functions through the use of just five sounds, each controlled by a letter on the keyboard. When users press a sound, an icon (which represents that particular sound) appears on the circle (which represents the beat's loop.) A small dot revolves around the circle at 108 BPM, activating the sounds as it hits their icons.

108 is a creative visualization of looped beats -- and it's one that even amateur beatsmiths can get addicted to.