Churches are Using Facebook Live to Stream Their Sermons

 - Jul 12, 2016
References: ichurchmethod & theringer
Though Facebook may not have been designed specifically to spread the Gospel, many churches are taking advantage of the newly introduced, easy-to-use Facebook Live to create evangelical streaming services.

Online streaming sermons are not a new concept, however their relative complexity in terms of hardware, software and technological know-how made them prohibitive for all but the largest religious institutions. Now, since Facebook is so widely used, smaller churches are choosing to use Facebook Live for their evangelical streaming.

The average millennial Facebook user might not be particularly religious, but evangelical streaming is not only about reaching youth. Facebook Live is simple to use and only requires a laptop or smartphone -- items that at least a few congregation members are sure to own. This means that Facebook Live can become a conduit between small churches and those who aren't able to attend services -- for instance, people with mobility problems.