- Jul 2, 2016
From Snapchat-targeted recruitment campaigns to period pop-up shop concepts, the top June 2016 viral ideas highlight the efforts of brands to produce buzzworthy campaigns that are highly shareable.

Investment bank JPMorgan recently turned to Snapchat to launch a recruitment campaign targeted at this year's crop of new graduates. The inventive campaign included Geofilters targeted at college graduation ceremonies on 80 campuses across the United States, while 10-second video ads will also run within the app dedicated Graduation Live Story.

Kimberly-Clark brand U by Kotex recently launched an innovative campaign in New York City with a dedicated Period Pop-Up Shop. The campaign was organized by Detroit agency Organic, who spotted a student's Tumblr post complaining about the lack of retail concept dedicated to something half the world is likely to experience.

From Snapchat Recruitment Campaigns to Intricate Face Collage Ads: