AVIS Italian Blood Donors Shows the Importance of Donated Fluids

 - May 20, 2016
References: adeevee
Many cities suffer from a lack of donated blood, something that the AVIS Italian Blood Donors organization hones in on. It specifically informs potential donors not only of the importance of such a civil duty, but also the fact that blood can be reproduced by science -- at least not yet. With this in mind, it's crucial that medical institutions have a ready supply on hand.

Conceived and executed by FCB, an ad agency based in Milan, Italy, the AVIS Italian Blood Donors ad campaign appeals to people's sense of security and protectiveness by creating messages using blood bags and scientific language. One bag reads, "Skin is getting blue," but in an abbreviated way. Shot by Luigi Ziliani of Wookiee Studio, it was creative directed by Nicola Rovetta.