The 'SoSole' Footwear Design Encourages IRL Interaction

Many consumers spend endless hours on their smartphones, even in the presence of other people, so the 'SoSole' footwear design is intended to incite real-time interaction.

Connecting to a wearers social media accounts, the 'SoSole' sneaker would illuminate to a specific color related to a certain hobby or personality trait. When different wearers meet, the 'SoSole' would become brighter and blink to encourage users to chat in real life rather than simply not or revert to the virtual world of social media.

The 'SoSole' footwear design is the work of Boijan Han and features a complex system of LEDs and connectivity. The designer hopes that the design could help to incite real-time connections and encourage users to get off their smartphones when out in the world.