From LEGO Fantasy Castles to Enchanting Cookware Pots

 - Apr 5, 2017
When a new Disney film is set to be released, one can be assured that there are already countless food, fashion, accessories, home decor Disney collaborations in the making.

With official licensing from Disney, brands are able to target a wide range of audiences. For instance, Disney clothing collections have been released by high-end design labels like Givenchy, as well as budget-friendly chains like Forever 21. Similarly, there are just as many themed playsets and toys for kids as there are desirable collector's items for adults.

Some of the the newest official collaborations to be released are helping to promote Disney's newest live-action film, Beauty and the Beast. Previous Disney movies that have been promoted through collaborative projects and co-branding include Moana and The Jungle Book and Alice in Wonderland.