These Artists Created Their Own Interpretations of the New Instagram Logo

 - May 19, 2016
References: & usatoday
In response to Instagram's new logo design, artists from all over the Internet are posting their own artistic renditions of the new and improved Instagram logo.

Using a variety of mediums such as photography, digital art and household items, these artists have created cheerful and bright images in the likeness of the new Instagram logo. Some of the most striking images appear in the form of multicolored drops and flowers positioned in such a way that the colors fade and meld into each other cohesively. Another one of the beautiful images uses crayons, flowers, thread, scissors and a variety of other random items to create an ethereal yet rustic image in the logo's likeness.

Posted along with the hashtag #myinstagramlogo, these beautiful re-imaginations of the Instagram logo are both aesthetically pleasing and work as a free marketing tool for the social media platform.