'Colony FM' Gets Real People to Read User-Requested Webpages

 - Jul 18, 2016
References: colony.fm & producthunt
Colony FM is a platform that uses real people to read user-submitted webpages. While text-to-speech programs have certainly made progress over the past several years, it would take a very wooden ear not to hear the difference between a reading program and an actual human being, and Colony FM is banking on the notion that most people would prefer the nuance and feeling of the latter to the stilted delivery of the former.

With the explosive wealth of information available on the Internet, it is virtually impossible for media consumers to stay updated on their interests -- whatever those interests may be. Listening to an article may expedite the process somewhat, but the tone-deaf reading of an automated bot can be boring at best or completely baffling at worst. And while Colony FM provides stock content, its sterling feature is that it will assign any requested webpage from each and every one of its users to its vast array of readers.

Listening to real people read content lets users have a far more personalized experience than when relying on a program.