teamLab's Immersive Installation is Set in an Ethereal Enviroment

'Floating in the Falling Universe of Flowers' is the title of a new immersive installation from teamLab that gives people the chance to take in the sight of more than 10 million digital flowers inside of a large-scale dome.

The unique and interactive experience invites guests to use their smartphones in order to select butterflies and "release them into the flower universe." What's most interesting about the installation is that its contents are not pre-recoded, but generated as real-time renderings from a computer program in response to human interactions.

While watching the Floating in the Falling Universe of Flowers, people will be able to see the cycle of life and death carry on as buds develop, blossom, petals fall and wither away. Each scene inside the dome is completely unique and will never be quite the same as the one moments before.