From Minimalist Wedding Bands to Donut Wall Desserts

 - Jan 28, 2017
The wedding industry makes billions of dollars each year and its expansion into more contemporary ideas and innovations is becoming evident – particularly among this collection of 2016 wedding trends. Some of the ways that this can be seen occurring is through simplified wedding traditions and social media-friendly trends.

As many people cannot afford the high costs of weddings, or just prefer to remain low-key and minimal, simple wedding concepts are becoming increasingly common. One such example is 'Cadi Jewelry Studio' – which creates simple gold and silver wedding bands. The bands feature indents on them and when rings are connected between partners, the indents come together to reveal shapes. The concept is simple, but creative and personal enough that it retains the distinctive feel that is unique to weddings and marriage.

Weddings are the most picturesque events that most people will throw in their lives, and brands are unsurprisingly capitalizing on this by making them even more so. A new social media craze that can be seen on Instagram exists in the form of 'donut walls' – walls that are covered in donuts of different colors to add a delicious and photo-friendly addition to weddings. On top of being excellent for photos, donut walls function as a quirky alternative to the cakes and cupcakes that are now so common at these events.

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