These Customized Mannequins Help Costume-Makers Cut Down on Fittings

 - Jul 13, 2016
References: nytimes & psfk
The Paris Opera Ballet recently began using customized mannequins as a way to help costume-makers create garments that are tailored to each dancer. One of the main drawbacks of using traditional mannequins is that the dimensions of these figures are rarely the same as the bodies of those whom the garments are designed for. The high-tech mannequins now used by the Paris Opera Ballet demonstrate a new way for designers to create better-fitting costumes and cut down on the need for multiple fittings.

In order to make it easier for costume designers to make garments for each of the Paris Opera Ballet's 150 dancers, the organization began testing the use of Alvanon's 3D-scanned mannequins. To create the customized mannequins, each dancer was scanned for their dimensions and three dozen prototypes were produced. The mannequins not only helped the designers create better-fitting costumes, but they also cut down the amount of time that is usually spent on alternations.

The case of the Paris Opera Ballet and its 3D-scanned mannequins demonstrates how such technology could change the nature of fashion design.