Children Can Overcome Their Fear of Water with This New Program

 - Jul 5, 2016
For many young children, taking to the water is a daunting and scary prospect, which is why Swedish company E.ON and the Swedish Swimming Federation have created VR swimming lessons for children entitled 'The Power of Swimming.' The VR video recreates an in-depth lesson with professional swimmers from the Swedish national team, allowing children who might otherwise be too apprehensive to jump in the opportunity to "practice" swimming anywhere, without any risk.

In Sweden, twenty percent of children cannot swim. Not only does this mean that one-fifth of Swedish children are missing out on the joy of the water, but, in a country densely populated with natural bodies of water, it poses a potential safety threat. By providing all children the opportunity to learn swimming through VR swimming lessons, E.ON and the Swedish Swimming Federation are moving Sweden one step --or stroke -- closer to a water-confident populace.