AccessURL Lets Users Share Accounts without Divulging Passwords

 - Sep 8, 2016
References: accessurl & thenextweb
AccessURL provides a valuable service for users who are wary of sharing their account login information.

Anyone with a Netflix, HBO Go, Amazon Prime, or any other video-streaming account has experienced having to turn down an account-less friend's plea to log in, either because of the fear that that friend might share the password with other people or because that password is the same for multiple accounts. AccessURL lets users share their accounts without having to give out a username or password.

The Chrome extension works by creating a link that allows users to login into any account simply by clicking (skipping the password and username step.) Users can share this link with friends and set an expiration time of either one day or one week. And, if they sense any funny business, they can cancel the link at any time.