From Reality Show Fantasy Leagues to Strategic Marketing Platforms

 - Jan 15, 2017
Most people spend a significant portion of their day online, and so the 2016 Internet trends have unsurprisingly been extremely diverse in their scope. Some of the more prominent patterns that can be observed this year include the fusion of the Internet with more traditional entertainment platforms, as well as brands harnessing their power to exert more influence while marketing.

Now more than ever, people take to various online platforms when they're looking to discuss traditional forms of entertainment like books and TV shows. Brands are taking advantage of this fact, with one such example being ABC's recent announcement that its show 'The Bachelor' will have a fantasy league for its upcoming series. The league will allow users to bet on who will win the show, as well as various challenges each episode. With this announcement, ABC has revealed itself to have recognized that much of The Bachelor's popularity in recent years has rested in its virality potential – and the brand is taking advantage of that fact.

One of the more expansive ways that brands are harnessing the power of the Internet is by using data-driven platforms that inform their research and work. 'Ivvi' is an example of this, with the predictive marketing platform giving brands the opportunity to identify influencers and viral videos in ways that are quick and strategic – allowing its clients to get ahead of the game in capitalizing on what will soon be popular.

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