Tanner Braungardt Combined Coca-Cola and Mentos in His Bathtub

 - Dec 12, 2016
References: youtube
Tanner Braungardt, a famed teen YouTuber, decided to take the explosive combination of Coca-Cola and Mentos to the next level, resulting in a viral video that showed him and his friends mixing the two ingredients in a bathtub.

Just under 10 million viewers watched as the American YouTuber went and bought around 45 bottles of soda and all the candy he could. Once home, Tanner Braungardt and his friends lined up all their ingredients and began unpackaging them, in the hopes that having all the Mentos ready in a bowl would produce more shocking results.

Luckily for his parents, the bathtub didn't erupt in the explosion that they expected. Rather, it created a light fizz that the teens compared to a spa Jacuzzi. Despite the results, the challenge has remained popular amongst Tanner Braungardt's many viewers.