- Apr 27, 2018
Connected packaging innovations are the latest craze in the branding and marketing world, adding a futuristic theme to any product and making the simplest idea into a must-have.

Malibu Rum and SharpEnd IoT created a music festival-connected liquor bottle that allows consumers to unlock an exclusive Snapchat filter and Spotify playlist. This examples takes the ritual of having a cocktail at a music festival to exciting, technological heights. Even buying a box of chocolate is now elevated thanks to branding like the Hershey's Magic Box that contains multiple compartments holding different chocolate products that are hidden in a QR code.

Brands are integrating technology into packaging designs adding NFC, QR Codes and AR to bring a level of branding that is futuristic and enticing to all generations. Connected packaging innovations are transforming basic packaging into an interactive and immersive consumer experience.

From Smart Cosmetic Packaging to Wifi Enabled Wine Bottles: