Belvedere Vodka's Midnight Saber Boasts Touch-Activated LED Lights

 - Jul 25, 2017
Following the release of its Night Saber bottle in 2012 and the Silver Saber in 2014, Belvedere Vodka is now introducing the newest iteration on the light-up packaging theme with the Magnum Belvedere Midnight Saber.

Designed to transform nightlife drinking rituals and the party scene, the all-new alcohol packaging design boasts laser cut-outs and built-in LED lights that line the bottom of the bottle. As the bottle is equipped with "soft touch technology," the 1.75-liter bottle can be turned on to show a glowing logo and silhouettes of trees that set the scene for summer festivities.

This interactive light-up vodka packaging demands to be engaged with, making it a showpiece even among busy nightlife environments that compete to captivate one's senses.